TEDx Trivandrum

Trivandrum TEDx-ed with “Ideas REALLY worth Spreading”

Spreading the Ideas Worth Spreading to the Folks of Trivandrum, a city to the south of Indian subcontinent came out brilliant and inspiring like any other TED program. TED to the readers who didn’t know is a global set of conferences under a common label owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation setting a wonderful stage for the cream of society to share with the world their Ideas worth Spreading. TED standing for Technology Entertainment and Design went quiet viral to the world after the assent of internet and in India after the Mysore TED event. Since TED never had plans to conduct an event in the not so popular place of Trivandrum, Priya Ajith with a team of dedicated youngsters brought out the TEDx stage at Park Center Techno Park to give thirsty minds of the city, their appetite. Staged on the 10thof November, with 6 distinguished speakers and a 200 odd listeners this TEDx event went on with the topic “Changing Mindsets”.

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The foremost Speech by Sabriye Tenberken appeared to me the best out of the lot. Taking the listeners from her childhood life in Germany where she lost her sight to starting Kanthari, an NGO for Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators at the place where pepper grows, made us the well sighted running for the inner vision we lacked. She was followed by G. Vijayaraghavan the personality behind the Techno Park and lately NISH(National Institute of Speech and Hearing) took the readers through the story of NISH. Then was Mathew Jose thanking the Rag picker for helping him find value in the Indian waste and trying to solve the waste menace through school initiatives. These three with well composed music played live by a group of well talented students of CET Trivandrum made the 1stSession.

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The 2ndSession started off after a high tea with Sashi Kumar, a prominent media personality and founder of India’s first regional Satellite Channel Asianet. Appreciating the assent of parallel uncontrolled internet media and its role in controlling the main stream media, his speech got his listeners fire up for a big change to the media as we know it. Bena Paul the second last to the final session brought to light the hidden oppression of women in the malayali society apparently projecting a positive attitude to the weaker sex. The session concluded with T. P. Sreenivasan an IFS officer who rose to represent India in many international forums and who is currently in the National Security Advisory Board to the Government of India. His speech correctly mixed with some hilarious anecdotes had the motive of an everlasting dream of changing the Malayali mindset. The function ended with cartoon caricature memento distribution to the speakers which came as an innovative contrast to the usual fancy articles and flowers.

The TEDx ended with its listeners carrying with them everlasting “Ideas worth spreading” or should I say “Ideas Really Worth Spreading”.