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The Best 10 , Clever, Funny, Inspiring Automobile Commercials on TV!

What’s the best of industries on this planet? Well, you ask me, its  food and automobile industry. And, which Industry in this world plays the wise game when coming to marketing?  The answer should be Automobile. This is the industry where competitors appreciate and toy with each other the same time. Commercials from this industry is usually imaginative and creative, opposed to what seen in other industries, where all the marketers has to say is how good their product is, when compared to what their competitors offer. It’s in this industry can you see competitors sharing the same platform, engine technology, manufacturing facility and almost everything to get their right share of the market.

Here, we are not going to talk page loads of how well the automobile industry gets with each other, as what we are here for is to  ranks the 10 best automotive commercials on TV. The below list of 10 best Automotive Commercials is not exhaustive and one can find many more commercials that could spark that something in you. Never the less, this below list of “The Best Automotive Commercials” has been carefully listed out to entertain the idlest of minds. So, here we go from Rank 10 to Rank 1!


Rank 10

Mercedes Benz C-Class W202 Diesel Commercial


Rank 9

Porsche commercial


Rank 8

Sorry commercial – for Mercedes Benz E Class


Rank 7

Citroen “Alive With Technology” – for Citroen C4


Rank 6

TATA Manza Commercial


Rank 5

Full of lovely stuff Commercial – for Skoda Fabia


Rank 4

Beauty is nothing without Brains – for Mercedes Benz  E Class


Rank 3

The Honda Accord Commercial


Rank 2

BMW – M5 jet car commercial, what u called a fast car! – for BMW M5


Rank 1

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial – for 2012 Volkswagen Passat