Tally-Excel File Formatter – Version 1.4

Tally-Excel File Formatter – Version 1.4

Exported ledger accounts from the accounting package Tally is formatted in a way that gives little scope for further working, especially analysis!

The major problems are:

1. Narrations are misplaced here and there

2. Numbers are not separated by comas, making accounts with material transactions unreadable

3. The totals and balances are not done with formulas, leaving the sheet non workable

4. The sheets are bulky and wrap texts property is not uniform.(A 5 entry sheet could span for a few scrolls)

Tally-Excel File Formatter – Version 1.4 by IS Labs gets this problems in hand by reformatting the exported sheet to a recognized readable format that is slick, beautiful, lightweight and analysis friendly. All you need to do is paste the ledger with narrations on to the Format Sheet and click the Transform Button. To download click “Download Now” button below.

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This Tally-Excel File Formatter – Version 1.4 requirs you to enable Macros in Excel.

To Enable Macros in Excel Refer our article:

HOW TO: Enable Macros in Excel