Petty Watcher Beta Test Preview – Version 1

Petty Watcher Beta Test Preview – Version 1

With petty watcher keeping a spreadsheet cash book is as easy as a pie.

To Download:

Click Here!


Remember, this is a beta preview version.

The software package lacks on many fronts:

  1. Entry deletion is not possible
  2. Analytics report generation is not integrated.
  3. Many other features are also on the anvil.


Before using the software, ensure that your excel copy is running with the macros enabled. To learn how to enable macros visit:

With this version, you can start new petty cash sheet, create new accounts and pass entries.

While booting up the sheet, remember to wait for 5 sec, for the flash screen to end.

Opening a new petty worksheet

The sheets are created using the opening date values as names.  You cannot open multiple sheets for a same day. The date input can be in any format. Opening balances takes only numbers, if you happen to given in characters then they will be converted into code numbers and taken up as opening balances.


Passing entries:

Type in a voucher date same or later than dates opened in workbook.  The software using its inbuilt logic finds and gets the opening balance of the latest and most appropriate sheet to pass entries.


Creating Accounts:

You can open new account heads using the create new account button available at the main menu and Entry Form. Accounts with the same name is restricted from being created.  The accounts are created in a separate sheet called “HOA”. Do not delete this sheet.


Use the software to your liking and remember to suggest or report any bugs to: