Malls & Lifestyle

Malls & Lifestyle

With Gleaming glass walls, swanky laid floors, fast rolling escalators and confusingly laid up commercial spaces, these concrete structures often called by the name “Malls” are the epic centres of a modern day urban individual’s lifestyle. Initially, a phenomenon of the west, this concept has travelled round the world and got quiet viral in many parts of Asia, including our very own India.

It shows out how far we Indians have travelled concerning lifestyle. From the land of simple white cloth wrapped up men and women, these malls transformed the urban Indians to the tunes of Rolex, Wrangler, Louis Philip, Tommy Hilfiger, Rado, Longines, Levis, Cartier, Mont Blanc and every other super brand. Even more, they have moved Indians from the shades of banyan trees to Multi-Branded cafeteria’s and KFC Tables. They do usher out loud our newly gained economic muscle, but are we getting a bit narrow minded through our way to success?

The best thing even our well-wisher Government could think of, when left with an open city space is to build a Mall. Well, for a business man it does make financial sense, but thinking from a socio-cultural perspective, like how the Government should think, building a mall could be one of the most in idealistic of decisions. The basic problem with malls, is the implied motto it promotes;” Shop to be Happy”. The add boards of perfect individuals laughing their wits out and quiet carelessly holding some desirable bags in one hand and their better parts with the other, could get many of us scratch our cards for the left over credit. Yes, doing that could get us happy, to be unhappier the next moment.

The funnier part is that, there are many other less expensive alternatives that could get us drastically happier. For instance, you could take a seat at the near side city square, get a cup of coffee of Rs. 7, and may be read a book or blog or talk to someone. But wait a minute, did city square sound alien to you. Well it should, cause many of our cities are neither designed, nor equipped for such a lifestyle. In the absence of an innovative city design, what we could do best is to stick to the best laid roads the city could offer, and creep into the newest mall out there.

Definitely, malls are a necessity for our fast lifestyle, though sticking our lives in and around these metal and concrete structures could mend up a society least conscious about what they need, though trying to full fill their never ending desires.