It’s an Apple!

It’s an Apple!

At it’s shiny new campus at Cupertino, California apple did it again. Offer the best. And none steals the show more than their show stopper device, the iPhone X. This phone can open up just by seeing your face and no one else’s from a million of them on this planet. It can also animate emojis or should I say animojis based on how you frown or do 30 odd other facial expressions. The screen is too no square anymore, extending end to end and a slight amoebic dip at the top for packing more than a hand full of sensors. These are no ordinary sensors that your ten grand (in Indian Rupees), “got it for a steal” mobile has. They let you do face ID, animate your emojis and take selfies that gives you studio effects even if you were clicking while taking a dip in the pool. Yes you read that right, now you can take your iPhone for swims too. All these don’t even think is coming cheap, unless you are one of those who find $999 as left over cash.

Noting down the facts, I belong to that category who has not yet reached the point where $999 seems cheap and so to me they are still a lot expensive. I don’t mind my emojis just sticking there at someone’s chat box virtually doing nothing. People know me more than they should for my big mouth, and even a message notification can trigger mind images of mine making all sorts of expressions than those 30 odds. Nothing to hide in these challenging circumstances is a virtue that could save me from having FaceID and state of the art encryption. Don’t blame me for being too naive. It’s one of my not so humble attempts to straighten the facts to why I really don’t mind the fact that I can’t afford an iPhoneX.

Judging a product just for its price tag to me is racism, and mommy did teach me that racism is bad. By not being a racist to technology, what’s in the iPhone that is out of the world and radical. Does it have the might to once more revolutionise the industry much like the way Apple did with the iPhones a decade ago?

With no confusion, the answer is a loud, straight “Yes”. Apple has grasped Artificial Intelligence with both arms and legs. They have devised this all new A11 bionic chip that can process and spit out mammoth heavy deep learning algorithms in a jiffy. Face recognition neural networks are well and good to identify and learn your face over time and get more smarter by the day to identify you out of a million faces, and that’s even if you sport those creepy looking goggles. Of the 43 facial muscles, that dawn your face, this device will be able to track 30 odd combinations of their varied uses to animate emojis. Last time I checked,  the only expressions I thought I made were giggle, cry or smug.

This is sure the sound of the trumpets for the next revolution that awaits the human race. Within a year or so those ten grant, someone made it phones are going to have these features all around them. You may even not be willing to accept that you lived without them a year ago. And that’s not all. Those out of the world A11 chipsets are doing things that once even the smartest supercomputers on this planet couldn’t achieve. Intelligence agencies will get that piece of technology that though being light could identify their most wanted from public CCTV cameras even if they grow a new mustache and sport sunglasses. Through most of history pioneering technologies used to flow from government agencies to the masses though now the table is changing sides.

There is this one striking thing that moves me more than the technology this company sports. Like how a simple fruit name is made tag to perhaps the largest technology company this world has ever seen; complex technology raped up into something spectacular yet most intuitive to the simplest minds. That’s what I believe apple does best and yes, “They did it again!”.