Model posing beside Suzuki kitzashi

Girls and Cars

If you Google up “Women, the worst Drivers”, the search results could get us, men laugh a lifetime. The first three results are of some YouTube’s top videos where women with their cars crash on to walls, fall off a parking floors and even fall upside down when negotiating turns. Well, the search results are not good on women in this supposed to be “Male dominant World”, but research studies done by half a dozen universities prove the same. To be quoting from one such study, though women spend 40% of their time driving they account for 60% of accidents in the United States. Maybe women are naturally not good drivers at all. Not to offend my female readers, lets me just term it as “difference between the sexes”. Even we men are not good in everything cool humans do, like our terrible times with multitasking activities.

As is very evident, Cars are Boyz toys! Though ruling out women from the wheels game is quiet naive. The person who invented the car “Carl Benz” is definitely male, but his wife is the one who sponsored the project. This lady even made the world’s first road trip on her husband’s invention, the 1888 Patent-Motorwagen No. 3, and that too without his knowledge. Even more she invented brake lining on her historic road trip. Every time one switches on their windscreen wipers, thank a women – Mary Anderson, who on her visit to New York City got to invent it. Most women may be lousy drivers, though they have more to do with cars than being hoties standing beside them.