Flash Mobbing for a Better Tomorrow!

Flash Mobbing for a Better Tomorrow!

It was just another monsoon day at Shangumugham beach in the city of Thiruvananthapuram with a lesser-than-normal crowd killing their Sunday leisure time. Being a west coast sea shore, nothing gets to be better than a bright red sunset, but for the cloudy sky, red was supplemented by a pale grey lighting. Everything seemed so dull and boring, except for an unusual gathering of young, active and energetic individuals clad in bright coloured T-Shirts, faded jeans, and like coloured canvas shoes. Their outfits were just not going with the whole beach setting.

Staring at the setting sun playing hide and seek in between the clouds, and keeping an eye on those suspicious young folks, I was trying to make my day out of the “happened to be” boring place I was at. I did make the wrong decision of coming to a beach during monsoon, or did I?

The sound of rolling drums with some effects got every ones attention, including mine. In a split second I stared at the nearside park for my “suspicious young folks”, but they weren’t standing there idly, but were dancing to the hip-hop music that followed. My suspicion was answered right between my eyes. Those folks were flashmobbers. With no time to spare i felt for my camera in my backpack, and rest were frozen on to my camera’s SD Card.

Excuse me for some shaky frames, this was a photo session out of the blue.














At the end of this entertaining flash mob, the individuals revealed themselves to be volunteers of SARSAS (Save A Rupee Spread A Smile) who were working a social project named ARIVU which intends to collect those old books left back at our homes and arrange it into a library for their less fortunate orphan inmates. Definitely a lovely way to spread the message.

For all my readers, who would like to join this kind cause, do contact SARSAS either through e-mail (savearupeespreadasmile@gmail.com) or through phone (+91 9961237235 or +91 9446749660).