Duck, Death and the Tulip–Something worth Remembering!

Duck, Death and the Tulip–Something worth Remembering!

Duck, Death and the Tulip, a Puppet show organised by the Goethe Zentrum (German Cultural Centre) – Trivandrum should have made a revelation in the minds of its viewers. The show based on a German Children’s book titled “Ente, Tod und Tulpe”  by German author and illustrator Wolf Erlbruch, got to be a sublime combination of art, literature and philosophy which conveyed an ideology seldom seen in the modern day entertainment. The Show had in it every thing which could entertain a 5yr old and 95yr old equally.

The story centres round a fun loving, care free duck who lived in and around a comfortable pond. One fine morning, the duck meets the character death, who had been following the duck all through out her life. Though having difficulties getting acquainted , with time friendship starts to bloom between the duck and death. They get to chit chat a lot about the duck’s past, takes care of each other, gives and takes advices and does almost every thing two friends would do together. In the end the duck dies, and death gently lays the duck to rest and places a tulip over it.

The director of the show was Joerg Lehmann.


The Main Character, the Duck, was a hand puppet brought to life by puppeteer Heiki Ikkola.


Character Death by Actress Martina Couturier.

The lively sounds by Marie Elsa Drelon.

More than the story, what that made the show an experience worth recalling should be the dialogues , instrumentation, light settings and more importantly timing. The duck walks round with bright ambiance lights, talks a few words and plunges into the pond along with the ambiance lights turning blue. With some underwater sounds played in the background the duck swims around and jumps out of it accompanied with lights going bright again.

In all, this play got to be a precise and perfect rendering of philosophy tied with innocent comedy which gave its viewers something worth remembering.