A Lion’s Share of Automotive Pedigree

A Lion’s Share of Automotive Pedigree

What is it that gets the automotive marques like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz  and Jaguar stand a class apart from those, technologically advanced Japanese counterparts? The answer couldn’t be quality as Japs never gave up on that aspect. The answer to this question is a more philosophical than technical. What these cars have and what, only they have is an invisible aura of automotive pedigree that they radiate, which intoxicates those humans with the right eye.

Although India’s Tata Motors, traces its history from the year 1945 as a locomotive company, its entry into commercial car market was from the year 1991. With an initial disrepute in making some of the most lousy cars round, year after year it improved itself and went on to become the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world, and a matter of pride for India. The recent acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover gave the company a lions share of Automotive History, which brings with it the right pedigree that could definitely change them for good.

The acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover, the two British marques, as is understood has a more wider meaning hidden in it. The acquisition brings with it 6 European car marques, each of which talks volumes of its colourful history. Its worth the while to  briefly visit this history and understand the pedigree of this acquisition.

Founded in the year 1922 by Sir William Lyons as the Swallow Sidecar Company and later on renamed as Jaguar during WW II for its striking resemblance to the then Nazi’s SS, Jaguars are known more for their charm and class than the technology it sports. The Jaguar’s success in those days was from the mantra “Value for Money” which is a similarity with its new parent TATA Motors. In the year 1960, Jaguar purchased Daimler, another used to be “British Luxury Car Brand” of the 40s which after the post war era fell off repute to make way for Rolls Royce.

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In the year 1931, Daimler purchased The Lanchester Motor Company Limited another luxury British car marque, which also formed consideration in the Daimler’s 1960 sale contract to Jaguar.Until the early 1950s it was often said “the aristocracy buy Daimlers, the nouveau riche buy Rolls-Royce”. Though Lanchesters were never made since 1950’s Jaguar, after the purchase of Daimler, used the Daimler name for its top notch luxury cars. Though, as of 2011, the brand appears to be dormant, TATA Motors is considering  Daimler’s transformation into “a super-luxury marque” to compete directly with Bentley and Rolls-Royce”.

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Land Rover yet another British car marque headquartered in Gaydon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom is the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world. The Land Rover was originally used by the Rover Company for one specific vehicle model in 1948, named simply the Land Rover. Land Rover as a company has only existed since 1978. The MG Rover which once parented Land Rover and who owns the Rover Brand, faced the bad times and stopped producing cars since 2005. The MG rover was later purchased by Ford from BMW to protect the integrity of the Land Rover Brand. Later, when Land Rover was sold to TATA motors, Rover MG formed part of the sale consideration. TATA could in coming years use the rover marque, for badging its own upper end car models in the European markets.

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With so much of Automotive pedigree filling TATA Motors bags, its needless of TATA to go for another brand acquisition. What, the TATA Motors now needs, is careful brand development.